Now in a true apple form, Buti Performance ACV Gummies are derived from the time-tested remedy of apple cider vinegar. These gummies can help aid with weight loss while providing benefit B vitamins to brighten mental clarity and increase energy stores. Put them in your mouth for an affordable and delicious way to improve your life!

It’s no doubt that these world trending products come from one of the best remedies since sliced bread: but that's not all they do! Made with natural red apple flavor, you'll feel yearned by years past as you savor every scrumptious bite.


*May help aid in digestion

*Supports weight loss

*Supports detoxification



*These statements have not been evaluated by theFood and Drug Administration. This product is notintended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent anydisease.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

  • SUGGESTED USE:As a dietary supplement taketwo (2) Gummies once a day