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The Workout Burnout

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Are you finding yourself feeling unmotivated, exhausted. and noticing that you feel soft and weak? Well you're not alone and there's a higher chance than not that you are possibly overtraining.


It's A Real Thing!!

Hey guys hope y'all are doing great and moving towards the goals you have set for yourself. If you're like me you love to workout and train not only for the physical benefits but also for the stress release and the mental clarity after the fact. However, I must admit that I catch myself overtraining from time to time. As more and more science focuses on our recovery and daily output we are starting to realize that there is only so much in the "tank" and that once we go over that we may be doing more harm than good. Some of the common signs of overtraining can be as follows:

  1. Lack of Motivation

  2. Performance Plateaus or Declines

  3. Muscle and Joint pain beyond that of just "next day soreness"

  4. Delay in recovery

  5. Thoughts slipping in of skipping workouts

  6. Sleep is broken up and restless

I know for me with my crazy schedule and often getting off shifts where sleep was broken up or completely non-existent, I would love to train but my body needs the recovery and rest more than it needs the workout and I may actually be pushing myself further away from my goals. This is where knowing your body and how you feel is so important. Its also extremely important to make sure your nutrition is on point in times like these because the body is in serious grind mode! There are great tools like the Whoop or Fitbit that give you a great idea of where you are at and what level you should push yourself.

I say all this to also say that sometimes you aren't going to feel 100 percent and that doesn't mean to lay around on the couch all day. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get out and move and wake the body up, a lot of times you will feel 10x better than when you started. Also it helps to make sure you've got a kickass supply of BOOST Pre-Workout to help give you a boost when you want it and some BCAA to help with the recovery process.

Buti Performance Supplements.

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