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The Buzz Around Max Detox With Acai Berry

Max Detox is an Acai Berry weight loss formula that is packed with MASSIVE amounts of antioxidants that helps to increase soluble fiber to ease digestion, while containing powerful antioxidants to cleanse your colon and other stressed organs such as your liver. In just a few days of supplementing with max detox you will notice a positive change in digestion regulation, reduced bloating, and flatter abdomen. Acai Berry as it has proven its self to be one of the most powerful antioxidants by having a very high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC), allowing it to work the most efficiently. Combined with many other powerful antioxidants and fiber sources, Max Detox is the key to reduced bloating and regulation of your digestive tract.

  • Supported Weight Loss from Gastrointestinal/Colon Cleansing*

  • Regulation of Digestion*

  • Flattened Abdomen*

  • Reduced Bloating*

  • Increased Energy from Detox and Antioxidants*

Max Detox should be utilized by everyone at least occasionally to help detox your liver and colon from impurities that build up over time. Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in people over 45, so we recommend this product especially to those who fit that category. Diets high in protein and processed foods should be supplementing with some fiber which is why we recommend Max Detox to athletes as well.

What Makes Max Detox so Effective? Max Detox is packed with a series of compounds that have been scientifically proven to cleanse stressed organs such as your colon and liver. We have included an array of compounds to cover all aspects of detoxing your body: Psyllium Powder This is a highly soluble fiber that is able to absorb easily into water located in your intestines and aid in the removal of waste from your body. Fiber is not able to be digested by the body so it just goes right through the intestines and helps clean it out. Acai Berry The most powerful antioxidant with a very high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC). This berry has shown strong abilities in cleansing stressed organs by eliminating large amounts of harmful Oxygen Radicals, improving the condition and protecting different tissues. Inulin Another great source of dietary fiber to help regulate your digestive tract. This form is a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides that are most commonly extracted from the plant- Chicory Ginger Root Contains gingerol, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps reduce bowel inflammation and unclog impurities that may have been building up

Other Powerful Antioxidants Lycopene, Slippery Elm Bark, Aloe Ferox Powder, Papaya Fruit

What about individuals with Diabetes? Is Max Detox Safe?

Lets take a look at a few of the main ingredients in Max Detox.

INULIN - The use of inulin along with anti-diabetes drugs may improve blood sugar levels in some people with diabetes.

ACAI BERRY EXTRACT - Acai has a low score on the glycemic index, which is good news for people with diabetes. psyllium can slow down the digestion of food, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. SLIPPERY ELM BARK - Has properties of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Diabetes can be classified as an inflammatory disease, therefore any extract that has properties to control inflammation can help control sugar levels in the blood and prevent diabetes.

So the short answer is yes it may be beneficial for people with diabetes, but always feel check with your doctor before starting the use of any new supplements.

And of course we all know that managing weight is an important part of anyones health, but especially those with problems such as diabetes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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